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We have been an agricultural business since the 1980s, with a large presence in organic growing. Our experienced logistics team manages customs clearance and nationwide shipping for both the retail and wholesale sectors. With our packaging operation in Port Canaveral Florida, along with our global strategic partnerships we are able to offer a complete line of fruits, vegetables, and blends with a focus on quality and food safety throughout the supply chain as well as streamlined lead-times.

The Brands

End-to-end service with frozen, juice, and dried capabilities for industrial, food service, and retail sectors.
Premium not from concentrate USDA certified organic juices. Chock-full of natural antioxidants and vitamins. Suitable as an “anytime” beverage with a handcrafted taste. Our products feature a clean label with no additives, preservatives, or artificial colors. Available in both glass and PET options in a variety of sizes and configurations.
For more information: smartjuice.us
Fruits, vegetables, and unique smoothie blends, frozen at the peak of freshness. Each bag is filled with sun-ripened, carefully selected fruits and vegetables full of vitamins and minerals that are ready when you are. A convenient and flavorful solution to a busy lifestyle. Also available as USDA Organic.
For more information: smartharvest.us
Our healthier alternative juices and sports drinks for kids taste great and fit any occasion – from school lunches to after game refreshments or just as an afternoon treat. USDA certified organic and most importantly contain no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial colors. Available in juice box, pouch, and PET configurations.
For more information: smartjuice.us

Vegetables and blends harvested and individually frozen for quality and convenience. A simple way to keep vegetables on hand and ready to go. Our wide range of partnerships help to keep all the favorites at your fingertips any time of the year.

global sourcing

Sourcing from 4 continents and 12 countries with Global Strategic Partnerships. Our domestic co-packing operations allow us to offer a complete line of products with a focus on quality and food safety throughout the supply chain.






Costa Rica







the foundation

Our roots are firmly planted in the fruitful fields of Turkey were we began as an agricultural business. Our passion for quality ingredients and long time experience with safety and service has allowed us to make global connections for a convenient and dependable customer experience.

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